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Risk warningBefore you begin trading on Real account please carefully consider your investment goals, risk and experience you have. It should be noted that Forex is a leverage based market. 

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Do you still struggle with the market and have problems with getting a steady income from forex trading?

You’ve found the right place.

Our team of traders and developers will help you undertsand the market, control your risk and achieve regular profits in the near future.

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No Repaint

PantherFX trading tools was created by top class programmers. Our software never repaints.

Technology driven

Our team is constantly working on developing and improving trading software so that you can use the best products on the market.


Our indicators produce instant MT4 notifications, mobile phone and e-mail alerts, so that you can still make profit while being away from your PC.


We are happy to help you with anything! System installation, money management or general FX questions.


Our products are 100% newbie friendly. You don't have to be a proffesional to use it correctly.

Smart risk managent

Limit your losses, expand your profits.

Our Team

PantherFX group is made by three traders. At the very beginning each of us started trading in search of profit. In the last few years our priorities have changed. Currency trading has become something more than just ‘a job’. It has become our passion. Each member of our group had his own way to gain experience in Forex trading. This allowed us to bring out what is the most essential about effective trading.

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PantherFX will change your trading in the blink of an eye. Statistics prove that over 94% traders have noted an enormous increase in effectiveness when using our trading tools and tips.

Our clients say

We have over ten years of experience with the market.

Kevin Bray


Thanks guys! I’ve been using trading tools provided by PFX for 2 months now and I do not regret a thing. I knew nothing about Forex trading when I signed up, now everything changed.

Melina Matsoukas

Customer Manager

Thanks for helping me set up my trading account. As a stay-at-home mum, making money when I’m not working was my dream. The audio and visual prompt offered by your software makes my life easier because now I can make follow while looking after my kids.


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Risk warning.
Before you begin trading on Real account please carefully consider your investment goals, risk and experience you have. It should be noted that Forex is a leverage based market. It should be remembered that leverage can work both in your advantage and disadvantage as well. Therefore there is high risk of losing a part or all of your financial input placed on your account and because of that you should remember to trade with the amount of money which you can lose without taking any influential financial damage.
Copyright 2016-2019
All rights reserved


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